B & W Photographs from The Festival of American Fiddle Tunes 2015!

IMG_7223 copy

Bruce Greene and John Haywood

IMG_7738 copy
Vesta Johnson and Steve Hall

IMG_7535 copy

Kids’ Dance

IMG_7633 copy

Eric & Suzy Thompson and Friends

peter McCracken

Peter McCracken

Grace, Maggie and Candy

Maggie Lind, Grace Forrest & Candy Goldman

IMG_7316 copy

David Bragger teaching the “Fiddle Tunes of an Ex-Slave” workshop

IMG_7415 copy

Jesse Lege and Gabrielle Macrae


-Square Dance Band-

Jason Romero, John Hurd, David Bragger, Suzy & Eric, and Pharis Romero

IMG_7405 copy

Joel Savoy

IMG_7742 copy

Jody Stecher

IMG_7353 copy

Kore Loy McWhirter

IMG_2306 copy

Kristi Guillory

IMG_7369 copy

Jason Romero

IMG_2447 copy

The Nerve Center of Fiddle Tunes

IMG_7397 copy

Maxine Gerber

IMG_7394 copy

Crazy Hat Party

IMG_7510 copy

Kids’ Dance

IMG_7705 copy

Kristian Bugge, Sonnich Lydom and Morten Hoirup

IMG_7672 copy

Peter McCracken, Bonnie Zahnow and W. Bruce Reid

IMG_7273 copy

Cajun Band Lab with Christine Balfa and Anya Burgess

IMG_7765 copy

Howard Rains and Tricia Spencer

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