Photography from The Festival of American Fiddle Tunes 2016

FT Suzy and Peter 2


FT Joel and Suzy

Fiddle Tunes Savoy Workshop 2

Fiddle Tunes Rafe and Joe 2

FT Rayna, Alice and Val

Fiddle Tunes Rafe and Joe 1 copy

FT Jimmy Workshop

Fiddle Tunes Savoy Workshop 1

FT Savoy Workhops

FT Pete Sutherland

Fiddle Tunes Mexico

FT Crazy hat Party 8

FT Canotes

Fiddle Tunes Wilson Savoy

IMG_7483 copy

Fiddle Tunes Charlie and Nancy Hartness

Fiddle Tunes Klezmer Workshop

Fiddle Tunes rafe and Joe Workshop 2

FT Crazy Hat Party 1

FT Crazy Hat Party 2

FT Crazy Hat Party 3

FT Crazy hat Party 4

FT Crazy Hat Party 5

FT Crazy Hat Party 6

FT Crazy Hat Party 7

FT Crazy Hat Party 9

FT Crazy Hat Party 10 FT Crazy Hat Party 11

FT Eva Dorrough

FT Kevin Carr


FT Maggie Lind and Molly Tenenbaum


FT Honky Tonk Dance


FT Jimmy Triplett


FT Kids Band Lab 1


FT Kids Band Lab 2


FT Kids Band Lab 4


FT Kids Band Lab 7


FT Kids Band Lab 8


FT Kids Band Lab 9


FT Kids Band Lab 11


FT Kids Band Labs 13


FT Laurie, Mark, Pete and Bruce


FT Leela 2


FT Paul Rangell


FT Teen Band Lab


IMG_7435 copy


IMG_7482 copy


IMG_7507 copy



























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