Spencer & Rains w/John Schwab at the Tiki Parlour!!

Howard and Tricia copy
Howard Rains & Tricia Spencer will be jamming with us on Sunday April 12th. They are the living torchbearers of old Texas fiddle tunes/songs and they’re celebrating the release of their newest CD, “Weird Old Tunes of Texas.” If you love ancient fiddle tunes, duets, and beautiful harmony singing, you’ll be blown away. They will also have an extra special guest: the old-time guitar master John Schwab! Yes, it’s an old-time two-fer!
The following day on Monday, April 13thJohn Schwab will give a very special old-time guitar workshop. He is the single best workshop guitar teacher I have ever witnessed. Tons of history, listening and hands-on playing. With over 40 years’ experience playing old-time backup guitar, John has performed and taught at festivals and music camps all over the U.S. He’s the author of “Old-Time Backup Guitar: Learn from the Masters.” His approach to teaching backup guitar has always been rooted in his reverence for the master backup guitar players of the 1920s and ‘30s.
Spencer & Rains Jam-Sunday, April 12 at 6:00
John Schwab Old-Time Back-Up Guitar Workshop–Monday, April 13th from 7:00-9:00
If you’re interested, reserve your spot now. Since I keep my Tiki Parlour events private, small and intimate, they always fill up within a few days of announcement! These events are not open to the public.