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Free Banjo Instructional Videos


Enjoy these free banjo lessons that rapidly cover the melody and fundamental rhythm components of some classic old-time tunes. In actual one-on-one private lessons, David goes into much greater depth and detail regarding right and left-hand technique, regional variants, style, mechanics, etc.. Enjoy! Feel free to support David if you enjoyed the lessons!

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Hobart Smith’s Pateroller Song

Here’s Hobart Smith’s modal banjo tune “Pateroller Song” tuned in gDGCD. This lesson is played at speed and then broken down and instructed.

Wade Ward’s Half-Shaved

f#DADE–The banjo is tuned in Double D tuning with the fifth string run down to an F#.
Oddly enough, I’m not teaching it on one of my Gibsons in the lesson video. I’ve chosen my 11″ open back Romero banjo because it has the punch and clarity of a heavenly made banjo. It’s one of my favorites. It is also quite easy on the eyes! Enjoy!