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Free Fiddle Instructional Videos


In this section, I’ve added some quick, free fiddle lessons that rapidly cover the melody and fundamental bowing elements of some classic old-time tunes. In actual one-on-one private lessons, I go into much greater depth and detail regarding bowing patterns, melodic variations, history, style, mechanics, etc.. Enjoy!!


Hog-Eyed Man

In celebration of the New Year and The Old-Time Tiki Parlour’s first release, Rafe & Clelia Stefanini, I’m offering up a free online fiddle lesson of their version of “Hog-Eyed Man.” It is featured on their new DVD. They based their playing off of Bruce Greene and Hiram Stamper’s treatment of the tune. In the lesson, I’ve broken it down phrase-by-phrase and included the bowing strokes and patterns!


Cookhouse Joe

Here’s a tune by the great Kentucky fiddler Estill Bingham (1899-1990):

Kiss Me Quick, My Papa’s A Comin’

Here’s “Kiss Me Quick, My Papa’s A Comin” in GDGD tuning. Many of you know this from Bruce Greene’s masterful CD “Five Miles of Ellum Wood.” If you don’t own it, get it! I taught this at the 9th Ever Los Angeles Old Time Social this last May. This lesson is played at speed and then broken down and instructed.



Ed Haley’s Rebel Raid

Rebel Raid
AEAE tuning

In this video, I teach Haley’s Rebel Raid with an uptempo version, followed by a slower and broken down version. All bowing of this rendition will be explained with relative detail. Enjoy

Boatin’ Up Sandy

Boatin’ Up Sandy
tuning: GDAE, A modal
source: Owen “Snake” Chapman, Ky