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Bosco’s “Shakin’ Down the Acorns” VIDEO

Bosco performs Murrell Humrick’s “Shakin’ Down the Acorns.” This tune along with eighteen other fiddle and banjo pieces can be heard on his solo album “BOSCO” from Tiki Parlour Recordings.

CD Available HERE

Digital Download for purchase at the Tiki Parlour Recordings BANDCAMP site.

Filmed and recorded by David Bragger

Edited by Maya Scheherazade Bragger

Bosco Takaki’s “Bosco” CD


Tiki Parlour’s latest CD features nineteen solo fiddle and banjo tracks from the Japanese old-time master Bosco Takaki. The physical release contains extensive liner notes and photographs from Bosco’s archive. Artwork by old-time musician/folk artist Howard Rains.

Order HERE. (The official release date is April 7th, 2023.)

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Bill Evans Wins the 2022 Steve Martin Banjo Award!


The 2022 Steve Martin Banjo Prize winner Bill Evans, performs the banjo masterpiece “Clarinet Polka” from his latest CD & DVD release on Tiki Parlour Recordings: “The Banjo in America.” Recorded and filmed by David Bragger

Purchase this extraordinary CD (& DVD) Set HERE.

Squirrel Butter “Hazelnut” CD

This long awaited 4th album from husband and wife duo, Charlie Beck & Charmaine Slaven, celebrates their sustaining musical partnership and shared adventures that now includes a little girl, Hazel. Hazelnut features many inspired original compositions alongside venerable traditional numbers. Starting as buskers at the Pike Place Market in Seattle in 2005, Squirrel Butter has devoted countless hours behind the strings honing their craft at settings ranging from weddings to funerals, bars to bat mitzvahs. Charlie’s ability as a multi- instrumentalist is a delight throughout, with sharp banjo playing being especially notable. Charmaine shines with drive and refinement on guitar and fiddle, plus she dazzles with her step dancing. Their well matched voices engage with soul and sensitivity as they share roles of taking lead and harmony. Squirrel Butter thrives in a variety of musical atmospheres while staying grounded to their traditional roots.

Order HERE

Release Date: July 8, 2022

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Bill Evans- The Banjo in America (CD & DVD Set)

Bill Evans and Tiki Parlour Recordings have collaborated on the ultimate banjo recording set (CD & DVD Set) for the 21st century. Bill Evans’ “The Banjo in America” celebrates 250 years of music performed on a variety of banjos from the Haitian-inspired banza to the Gibson Mastertone and eight other historical instruments in between.

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Skillet Licorice “Allsorts Orchestra” LIMITED EDITION Vinyl

Skillet Licorice’s critically acclaimed album is now available in a LIMITED EDITON run of VINYL. It’s one of our most beautiful productions to date. The package features translucent green vinyl with a stunning gatefold centerfold of the musicians, illustrated by Simpsons artist/old-time musician Joe Wack. The liner notes, artwork and sounds will transport the listener back in time as they listen to glorious stringband music while handling this beautiful old-time fetish object. Available HERE while supplies last! …Read more