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David Bragger FIDDLE WORKSHOP – Lawrence, KS

WORKSHOP ALERT: David Bragger will be teaching an intensive Old-Time Fiddle workshop in Lawrence, Kansas on June 22nd!
(Reserve your spot by contacting Howard Rains at [email protected])
–Old-Time Fiddle Intensive Workshop: Bowing Rhythms, Bow Rocking, and Tunes–
David Bragger will demystify several fiddle tunes with an emphasis on the infectiously rhythmic bowing techniques used by countless, classic old-time fiddlers including Earl Collins (OK), Tommy Jarrell (NC), Melvin Wine (WV), Uncle Bunt Stephens (TN), John Salyer (KY), Mel Durham (IL) and MANY others.
The same bowing elements are also the key to old-time fiddle seconding! This workshop is old-time fiddle “gold” for fiddlers who have been trying to wrap their bows around getting that high-energy danceable “sound.” You will walk away with several tunes and all of the bowing clearly broken down and explained.
Traditional fiddler David Bragger has become a ubiquitous figure in traditional American folk music. He is a musician, documentarian, UCLA ensemble director, 78rpm record collector, musical festival director and founder of the Old-Time Tiki Parlour. Having learned the “old-time” art of fiddling directly from two generations of traditional masters, David has been passing down these archaic musical secrets and sounds to fiddlers worldwide with an emphasis on BOWING.
His critically-acclaimed debut CD “Big Fancy” instantly put him on the traditional music map and paved the way for his groundbreaking sophomore release. In 2018, he and fiddler Susan Platz released the very first American old-time fiddle duet CD ever recorded: King’s Lament–Old-Time Fiddle Duets. David has also recorded and performed with artists as diverse as Brad Leftwich & Linda Higginbotham, Spencer & Rains, Hog-eyed Man, Rafe Stefanini, Social Distortion, Paula Poundstone, Greg Graffin (Bad Religion), and also provided the banjo and fiddle solos for the western feature film “Gone Are The Days.”
David has also produced, directed and recorded over 30 albums and countless video projects for his independent folk label Tiki Parlour Recordings.
David has written several articles and has been featured in Strings Magazine, Banjo Newsletter, Fiddler Magazine, No Depression, FolkWorks and many other publications.

David Bragger Experimental Music Video on Modular World – Sunday, April 28 at 1PM (PST)

This Sunday, April 28th at 1PM PST, David Bragger will be kicking off a special episode of Modular World with a live parlour performance video. This episode showcases 18 hand-selected artists from nine countries performing music and sounds on their modular synthesis machines. (Think analog oscillators, patch cables, blinking lights, knobs, sliders, control voltage, sci-fi sounds, and transcendent arpeggios.)
David ‘s video is featured in a stellar lineup of electronic musicians, which also includes experimental electronic artist AND David’s modular synthesis guru Todd Barton.
Each performer’s instrument will feature modules that were originally conceived in the 1960s/70s by the innovative electronic synth creator Don Buchla. They are currently produced by TipTop Audio and Buchla USA.
If you’re curious about this “other” music that David conjures up when he’s not playing traditional old-time American stringband music 24/7, then we encourage you to watch this upcoming episode. It shot it with multiple cameras at the Old-Time Tiki Parlour, home of Tiki Parlour Recordings. You might really dig it too! Enjoy!
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A few words about the show for new-comers.
Modular World is modular-centric, but not exclusive. On our shows, you will see many formats of modular synthesizers: Eurorack, Buchla, Serge, Ciat Lonbarde, BugBrand, hybrid systems, midi controllers, computers, SOMA, Elektron, drum machines, acoustic instruments, tape decks, the human voice, and so much more.
This global community is all about making music and maintaining an inclusive, patient and helpful SAFE SPACE for all.

The Myrtle Vermillion Séance of Sleep–David Wunder-Brägger Releases Ambient Drone Album

Traditional fiddler, banjoist, filmmaker and folk record label co-founder David Brägger has released his debut ambient experimental album The Myrtle Vermillion Séance of Sleep on Tiki Parlour Recordings.

David literally moonlights within the depths of analog drones, 2-string fiddles, and modular synthesis when he’s not performing or documenting traditional musicians from around the sphere. Having returned to experimental music after decades of immersion in early American fiddle music, we finally get a different taste of his lifelong obsession for REPETITION and dreamy DRONES.

This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD-only release available at BANDCAMP. And it’s only $7, if you have the curiosity of a cat.  😉

ORDER David Wunder-Brägger’s The Myrtle Vermillion Séance of Sleep HERE.

Bosco’s “Shakin’ Down the Acorns” VIDEO

Bosco performs Murrell Humrick’s “Shakin’ Down the Acorns.” This tune along with eighteen other fiddle and banjo pieces can be heard on his solo album “BOSCO” from Tiki Parlour Recordings.

CD Available HERE

Digital Download for purchase at the Tiki Parlour Recordings BANDCAMP site.

Filmed and recorded by David Bragger

Edited by Maya Scheherazade Bragger

Bosco Takaki’s “Bosco” CD


Tiki Parlour’s latest CD features nineteen solo fiddle and banjo tracks from the Japanese old-time master Bosco Takaki. The physical release contains extensive liner notes and photographs from Bosco’s archive. Artwork by old-time musician/folk artist Howard Rains.

Order HERE. (The official release date is April 7th, 2023.)

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