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SKILLET LICORICE – Bright Sunny South (Official Video)

“Our experimental instrumental version of this song from the playing of Doc and Merle Watson is on our new CD “Allsorts Orchestra.” This poignant anti-war song has been erroneously associated with the American Civil War and the Confederacy. Although the origins of the song are unclear, it would appear to be from either Ireland or Nova Scotia.”

Elise Engelberg: banjo

Matt Knoth: ebo

Videography and Editing by John McKelvy


Banjo Newsletter Review and Interview with Tom Sauber

Check out the enlightening interview with Tom Sauber in the latest issue of Banjo Newsletter! There’s also a stellar review of our most recent 2-CD/Photo Book Set “Trade Your Headache for a Smile” featuring Tom Sauber, Tom Carter, Blanton Owen, Leonard Couslon and Patrick Sauber.

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Trade Your Headache for a Smile (2-CDs & Booklet)-ORDER NOW

Two wonderful CDs. Masterful musicians and lots of great old-time music with some twists. You’ve got your banjo (various of them), you’ve got your fiddle, and then you’ve got your mandolin. Plus, then you’ve got mandola,  mando-cello, drum, and a pitched fork!!! Plus singing. How fine to hear Blanton Owen’s beautiful banjo playing again—we lost him too soon. These recordings were made over time and distance and sound as old as the hills, even the new songs like Dylan’s “Well, Well, Well,” and Bruce Cockburn’s “Kit Carson.” You can feel the love in every note. —Alice Gerrard


Twenty years in the making… Tiki Parlour Recordings is proud to present a double CD featuring the old-time sounds of Tom Carter & Tom Sauber with Blanton Owen, Leonard Coulson and Patrick Sauber. The set contains a live disc recorded just before Blanton Owen’s fatal plane crash AND a recent studio recording with Tom S. and Tom C. along with Patrick Sauber (Tim O’Brien, Peter Rowan, Laurie Lewis, A Mighty Wind, etc.).

The booklet contains in-depth liner notes written by Tom Carter (Fuzzy Mountain String Band) and the black & white photography of Blanton Owen. The set was designed by Howard Rains.



Old Kentucky Whiskey-Fiddle Lesson with Bowing

In this “Cut-to-the-Chase” mini-lesson sponsored by the CA Bluegrass Association, David Bragger teaches the tune “Old Kentucky Whiskey” from Noah Beavers and Art Stamper. The tune is played at several speeds and broken down phrase-by-phrase with bowing demonstrated and called out.

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The Horsenecks “Six Foot Under” (Official Video)

The official video for “Six Foot Under” by The Horsenecks from their new release on Tiki Parlour Recordings.

Available on CD and Vinyl in our Tiki Parlour SHOP!

The Horsenecks are: Gabrielle Macrae and Barry Southern

Video by Riley Calcagno

Kirk Sutphin Featured in Banjo Newsletter (January 2021)

Kirk Sutphin’s epic release “Devil in the Strawstack” is the feature story in the latest issue of Banjo Newsletter!!!
Check out the interview and stellar review! It also has banjo tabs from the CD/DVD Set for Kirk’s “Back Step Cindy” and Travis Stuart’s “Joke on the Puppy” transcribed by David Bragger.
What a way to kick off 2021!

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Jake Loew – Tommy Jarrell’s “Cider” (Official Video)

The “digital crankie” music video for Tommy Jarrell’s “Cider” from the upcoming CD, “Return of the Son of Old Time Fiddle” by Jake Loew. The debut album of genius old-time musician Jake Loew AND the first official Tiki Parlour novelty “party” album. In the early history of recorded sound, “party” records like the Okeh Laughing Record from the 1920s were all the rage. This CD is Tiki Parlour’s answer to those historic releases. Imagine Old-Time Fiddle meets Bill Monroe meets Nintendo meets 70s Gameshow Soundtracks meets Clockwork Orange.

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“Return of the Son of Old-time Fiddle” is the ultimate looney tune party record for traditional music connoisseurs and avant-garde electronic music lovers. The arrangements are hilariously clever and smothered in many soothing layers of dripping wet cheese fungus that the Super Mario Brothers would die to sink their mustaches into. It will also liven up any fiesta, even your solo dinner party in the quarantine era. Cutting edge animators Nick Bachman, Mikie Poland, and Brian Nguyen use their collective experience – Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Sony, Dreamworks, Warner Bros, Frederator – to do the impossible: wrangle the mysterious unbridled creative juggernaut that is Glenn.

And here’s the TRAILER for the CD: