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Tiki Parlour’s “Banjo” Tiki Mugs

Enjoy a vintage cocktail at your next old-time jam with an official “Banjo” Tiki Mug! The Old-Time Tiki Parlour is obsessively dedicated to the preservation and promotion of folk art and folk music. We jumped at the chance to work with artist/musician Tyson Graham to design authentic tiki mugs with old-time flare!

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Each Tiki Parlour mug is hand made in the foothills of North Carolina by potter and musician Tyson Graham.  The mugs are wheel thrown, decorated with slips, and screen printed with the Tiki Parlour banjo. These vintage style Tiki mugs feature the logo designed by fiddler/animator Nick Bachman. These tiki mugs are crafted in the style of the great vintage tiki mugs from the 40s and 50s. All profits go to Tyson Graham and towards future Tiki Parlour releases.

Tyson Graham uses colorful redware ceramics to depict the seasonal variations of life and nature in the foothills of Western North Carolina. Working primarily with gas fired red earthenware and slip decoration, he creates functional, hand painted pots adorned with flowers, birds, leaves, trees, as well as musical instruments. By decorating large numbers of pots serially, with fluid brushwork and quick sgraffito (scratching through the clay to create lines), he pushes patterns to the point of abstraction. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of South Carolina and apprenticed under Claude Graves of Little Mountain Pottery. Outside of the studio, he enjoys playing Old Time music and backpacking the trails of Appalachia. Tyson is currently based at Little Mountain Pottery in Polk County, NC.

HOG-EYED MAN–Old World Music of the Southern Appalachians

HOG-EYED MAN–Old World Music of the Southern Appalachians

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A vibrant new CD of timeless traditional music from Athens, GA’s Hog-eyed Man, featuring 2016 Clifftop fiddle contest winner Jason Cade, innovative multi-instrumentalist Rob McMaken, and guest appearances by Tom Baker, Nancy & Charlie Hartness, and Art Rosenbaum!

The Old Time Tiki Parlour is proud to welcome Hog-Eyed Man to the family with an exciting new release of top-shelf old time music. Fiddler Jason Cade, a western North Carolina native, and Athens, GA multi-instrumentalist Rob McMaken form the core of the band. After receiving well-deserved acclaim for their first three Hog-eyed Man recordings, Jason took first place in the prestigious fiddle contest at the Appalachian String Band Festival in Clifftop, WV. On Old World Music of the Southern Appalachians, the duo’s first album for our label, Jason and Rob are joined by Tom Baker on fingerpicked and clawhammer banjo as well as the rock-solid rhythm section of Nancy and Charlie Hartness on guitar and ukulele. Legendary singer and banjoist Art Rosenbaum also makes a memorable guest appearance on a few tracks.

Recorded entirely live around two ribbon microphones, this album transports the listener to an intimate kitchen session, where the musicians comfortably settle in on twenty lesser-known gems mined from deep Appalachia. Drawing primarily on the archaic fiddling traditions of eastern KY and western NC, the nuanced and powerful performances essentially re-envision southern old-time tunes as if radio, the folk revival, and bluegrass never happened but the music instead continued to organically develop along some alternate path. Many of the tunes on the album tap connections to the traditional music of Ireland, Scotland and England, while other pieces are associated with Native American fiddlers and history.

Throughout, Jason and Rob manage to let their own voices emerge as authentic interpreters of the tradition while remaining true to the wild, lyrical, and unvarnished aesthetics of the source fiddlers who they revere. The result is a captivating album of deep-vein Americanagritty, emotionally rich, and timeless. The vivid recording quality combines with the thoughtfully interwoven strands of almost-lost musical sensibilities to give Old World Music of the Southern Appalachians a rustic-yet-refined sound like no other. This album is destined to become a classic!

The CD is available as of Nov. 2, 2018. While you’re there, be sure to check out the in-the round virtual reality videos of Hog-Eyed Man playing some of the tunes from Old World Music of the Southern Appalachians!

Sausage Grinder Concert and Workshops at the BOTMC

Old-Time super group Sausage Grinder will be performing at the Berkeley Old Time Music Convention (BOTMC) on Thursday, September 27th at the Freight & Salvage along with Dom Flemons, Paul Brown and Mike Bryant! Tickets are available HERE.


Sausage Grinder members David Bragger & Susan Platz will also be teaching their popular Double Fiddle workshop on Saturday, September 29th at 3:00. Register HERE.

Sausage Grinder’s Chris Berry will be teaching a Dock Boggs Banjo Workshop the same day and time. Register HERE.


Sausage Grinder, from Los Angeles, combines the sounds of fiddle and banjo breakdowns with the country blues, topped off with a touch of ragtime and hillbilly jazz.  The members of the band are David Bragger, fiddle, mandolin, banjo; Susan Platz, fiddle, banjo, washboard, vocals; Chris Berry, guitar, banjo, vocals; Pat MacSwyney, mandolin, tenor guitar, jug and Timothy Riley, jug, washboard, jaw harp, saw, bagpipes, mouth harp, mandolin, guitar, vocals. David is the proprietor of the Tiki Parlour label, which issues recordings and videos of old-time music, and has recorded an album of old-time fiddle duets with Susan, some of which will be included in Sausage Grinder’s concert set.


Mike Bryant & Paul Brown CD-Now Available!

“A lot of really great old-time musicians say Mike Bryant is their favorite contemporary fiddler. In his forty years of playing, Mike has spent countless hours sculpting the phases of fiddle music. He shapes a net of paths to travel through bowing, note choice, ornamentation and phrasing. He is able to listen to a tune and find its heart and then frame that essence within his own style.” –David Winston
Our 12th release, Bryant & Brown, is now available HERE!  (We start shipping on June 22nd!)
Tennessee fiddle titan Mike Bryant has finally recorded a fiddle album with old-time genius Paul Brown on banjo. Marcia Bryant and Terri McMurray provide a powerful rhythm section for the entire album on guitar and banjo uke. Since word broke out that this CD was in the works, there’s been a roar of excitement (and disbelief) from legions of Bryant devotees in the old-time community. The CD features a 16-page booklet with photography by Paul Brown and Joseph Dejarnette. It also contains artwork by Texas fiddler Howard Rains.

This is the first CD available that features fiddle master Mike Bryant, a fiddler’s fiddler if there ever was one! Every track oozes with his heartfelt playing and inimitable bowing. He is a master of subtlety. With every listen, new secrets begin to surface. His playing on this recording will be deeply studied by many musicians and students of traditional fiddle.

Paul Brown CD & DVD Set–Available May 2018

We are proud to present the solo Paul Brown CD & DVD Set!  Purchase HERE!

Paul’s 2-finger, 3-finger and clawhammer banjo wizardry and several solo fiddle pieces make this one of his most unique releases to date. The sound and video were recorded and filmed by old-time musician David Bragger who deftly captures the intimacy and power of Paul’s playing.

The set features in-depth liner notes written by Paul, photographs of his source musicians and artwork by old-time artist/musician Howard Rains.

Paul Brown practices an art of deceptive understatement. He’s never in a hurry, because he’s already there. He has spent his entire life steeped in what is usually called old-time music, and none of it was lost on him. This set gives you something rare and precious – Paul by himself, serving it up, straight, no chaser. There are no frills, no light shows, no sales pitches, stated or implied. The fireworks are all inside the music. His fiddle playing is an anthology of sly, constantly shifting sleights of hand and mind. His banjo playing – both finger style and clawhammer (he switches back and forth in “Round-Town Gals,” here) – is more understated and, if anything, even more deceptively compelling. Sophisticated, precise, and elegant, it is also intensely rhythmic and propulsive. This set is a close-up magic show. If it were a card game he would have all your money by the end of it. Instead, you will leave richer than when you entered. Sit down and tune in; the more you listen, the more you’ll hear. It’s the understatement of the year.   — Tom Piazza