Squirrel Butter “Hazelnut” CD




This long awaited 4th album from husband and wife duo, Charlie Beck & Charmaine Slaven, celebrates their sustaining musical partnership and shared adventures that now includes a little girl, Hazel. Hazelnut features many inspired original compositions alongside venerable traditional numbers.

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“If you don’t feel better after hearing this recording, there’s hardly anything that can help you! These folks bring great  energy and style to these wonderful Classic Country and Old-Time pieces! They have taken these old pieces and truly made them their own with outstanding musicianship and singing! This project is truly refreshing, as it is a representation of old music, played the old way, with a sensibility that offers an exciting new experience to modern ears!” – Riley Baugus

“I’ve always admired Charlie and Charmaine for their old-fashioned DIY approach; their music is feel-good, down-home and wholesome, but it’s never boring. Charlie’s banjo picking rings like a bell and Charmaine’s rhythm is solid and natural, whether she’s playing guitar or doing her marvelous percussive dance moves. The songs they choose reflect their love of nature and rural life, dealing with subjects like geese, dogs, whippoorwills and trains. Their commitment to family and community shines in every note they play and sing.” – Suzy Thompson

“Charmaine and Charlie have rich, perfectly matched voices and great harmony singing on a wide variety of original and uncommon traditional songs. They have the skills to go seamlessly in any direction – old-time, country, or bluegrass – and rock-solid guitar, virtuosic banjo, and even some flatfoot dancing are the icing on the cake. Wonderful album!” – Brad Leftwich

“I love the way Charlie and Charmaine breathe new life into those old songs from another place and time. They obviously love the music, but they have put the work in, and it shows. Conversely, that same energy also gives the new songs a decided ring of authenticity. This is sterling musicianship generously dusted with humor and grace. No doubt about it- Squirrel Butter is the real deal!” – Greg Canote

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