David Bragger & Susan Platz–King’s Lament (Old-Time Fiddle Duets)

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“There’s twin fiddling, and then there’s David Bragger and Susan Platz. Their music really reaches into that space where two instruments become one and draws you right in with it. King’s Lament is one of the most sonorous and rhythmically locked-in sets of tunes you’ll hear, and spans across familiar and unfamiliar old-time terrain. Another really great recording from David’s unique Tiki Parlour collection.” –-Bruce Molsky

This is the first 100% pure double fiddle CD in the American Old-Time tradition and also the 10th release from the Old-Time Tiki Parlour! Old-time instrumentalists David Bragger & Susan Platz have recorded 15 duets of classic old-time tunes performed with the classic rhythms, drones and nuances of old-time fiddlers such as Ed Haley, Mel Durham, French Carpenter, Dock Roberts, Sarah Armstrong, K.C. Kartchner, Glen Fannin and many others! This CD features classic and rare tunes from Texas, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Arizona and California.

This CD comes with a 24-page booklet of in-depth liner notes and original artwork by Howard Rains. The cover illustration was done by Dreamworks animator/fiddler Nick Bachman.

1. Rebel Raid
2. Paddy on the Turnpike
3. King’s Lament
4. Coal Holler
5. The Forked Deer of Fannin
6. Bobtailed Mule
7. Devil in Georgia
8. Porter’s Reel
9. Sally in the Garden
10. The Hog-Eyed Man
11. Sallie Cooper
12. Admiral’s Choice
13. Old Christmas Morning
14. The Old Reel
15. Banks of the Arkansas



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