The Stuart Brothers CD & DVD Set


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The most anticipated release in the history of Tiki Parlour Recordings:

The Stuart Brothers CD & DVD Set


I’ll never forget the first time I heard Trevor and Travis. I was 18, freshly arrived in North Carolina to attend college outside of Asheville. I was obsessed with old-time music, had been listening to it my entire life, but I’d never heard anything like the Stuart brothers. I was bowled over. Graceful and groovy, delicate yet driving, fresh as well as timeless — music that could make you dance or stop you in your tracks. Or both.

The sound of Trevor and Travis Stuart playing together will always be one of my favorite sounds. This document of the two of them is gorgeous and intimate. I’m so glad it exists.  –Rayna Gellert


North Carolina’s Trevor and Travis Stuart represent the pinnacle of traditional North Carolina old-time fiddle/banjo duet playing. Here they are playing 23 majestic pieces under the microphones and camera lens of David Bragger at the Tiki Parlour in May of 2015. Tragically, Trevor passed away the following March causing shockwaves in the old-time community that will be forever felt.

This marks the final release of their duet playing without any accompaniment or audience. The brothers sat down and played classics from their repertoire while being carefully filmed in the intimacy of this magical space. Beautiful close-ups of hands and instruments decorate the experience of taking in their exquisite and natural music. These are truly some of the finest fiddle/banjo duets ever recorded.

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