Spencer & Rains’ The Spotted Pony–DVD & CD Set




We are proud to officially announce a very special release for Fall 2016: “The Spotted Pony” by Spencer & Rains with John Schwab and Brendan Doyle.

Available Now directly through the Tiki Parlour!

This CD & DVD set contains 22 tracks of harmonious songs, strange Texas tunes and wonderful family melodies. Both Tricia Spencer and Howard Rains designed the package and illustrated it with the beautiful artwork they’re known for. The booklet features detailed liner notes, background and art.

Recorded and filmed at the Old-Time Tiki Parlour by David Bragger. Enjoy!

1. Apple Blossoms
2. Hooker’s Hornpipe
3. Mace Bell’s Civil War March
4. Ida Red
5. Eeph Caught a Rabbit
6. Mississippi Snagboat
7. I Could Never Love Another Girl Like That
8. Sundown
9. Woodchopper’s Reel
10.  Bonaparte’s Retreat
11.  Dew Drop Waltz
12.  Marcyes’ Quadrille
13.  Louisiana Traveler
14.  Some Pretty French Girl
15.  Roll Them Simelons
16.  Brilliancy
17.  Goodbye My Little Devis
18.  Old Booker
19.  Fur Trader’s Reel
20.  Urban Philo’s Waltz
21.  Pretty Little Girl with the Blue Dress On
22.  Spotted Pony


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Weight 8 oz