The Horsenecks “Started Out in Town” CD




Oregon-based super duo The Horsenecks have released their first CD with the Tiki Parlour Recordings label. It is a lush, beautiful album of old songs, traditional fiddle and banjo tunes, and originals. The fiddle, banjo, guitar, harmony vocals and band arrangements by West Coast musicians Gabrielle Macrae and Barry Southern is nothing short of wonderful. Old-time music lovers, traditional & contemporary folk music devotees and acoustic musicians will cherish this atmospheric folk album for years to come.

  1. Lost Gander
  2. Going Across the Sea
  3. Cotton Eyed Joe / Sand Lake
  4. Hangman
  5. Started Out in Town
  6. Money
  7. Six Foot Under
  8. Buck Dancer’s Choice
  9. Shag Poke
  10. Wave the Ocean
  11. The Ballad of Jonas Byham
  12. Melvin Wine’s Uncle Pen

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