Kirk Sutphin – Devil in the Strawstack (CD & DVD Set)

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The Old-Time Tiki Parlour is proud to present the latest CD & DVD Set release from North Carolina fiddle and banjo legend Kirk Sutphin. “Devil in the Strawstack” features 27 tracks of classic North Carolina stringband music performed by Kirk Sutphin with Travis Stuart and Tom Sauber. The set also sports a beautiful booklet with liner notes written by Kirk Sutphin and artwork by Texas artist Howard Rains. The music was filmed, recorded and edited by David Bragger.

Kirk Sutphin is a living legend in the world of old-time fiddle and banjo music. He is the “real thing,” having grown up in the tradition and having mastered the old sounds. Kirk grew up in Walkertown, North Carolina and at age eight decided to follow his grandfather’s footsteps as a fiddler. As a teenager Kirk studied regularly with Tommy Jarrell and is now recognized as the reincarnation of the Tommy Jarrell style. He is also a masterful banjo player in the style of Fred Cockerham and Charlie Poole. This recording and film focuses on Kirk’s exceptional instrumental music abilities and is 100% proof that real old-time music lives in the sounds of the elders as preserved and transmitted through players like Kirk Sutphin.

Kirk is joined by the amazing talents of old-time masters Travis Stuart and Tom Sauber on banjo and guitar. These recordings showcase some of the greatest old-time duets and stringband recordings ever put to record.

1. John Brown’s Dream
2. The Route
3. Joke on the Puppy
4. Chilly Winds
5. Back Step Cindy
6. Greasy String
7. Fanny Hill
8. Rockingham Cindy
9. Hell Among the Yearlings
10. Devil in the Strawstack
11. McLeod’s Reel
12. Cluck Old Hen
13. George Booker
14. Rochester Schottische
15. Goodnight Waltz
16. Roustabout
17. Richmond Cotillion
18. Ida Red
19. Girl of My Dreams
20. Black-eyed Susan
21. Britches
22. Old Bunch of Keys
23. Ebenezer
24. Roscoe
25. Susananna Gal
26. Fortune
27. Sunny Home in Dixie

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