Brad Leftwich & Linda Higginbotham “At Home in the Parlour” CD & DVD Set

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Old-Time Music legends Brad Leftwich & Linda Higginbotham’s “At Home in the Parlour” is the latest Tiki Parlour CD & DVD Set featuring these fine musicians playing the classic old-time music that they play in their own home. You’ll see and hear these seasoned traditional masters perform 18 tracks of fiddle and banjo tunes, instrumental duets, songs and even some trio tracks with David Bragger guesting on guitar. You also get a chance to hear some of the finest banjo-uke playing in the genre. As with all sets from the Tiki Parlour tradition, expect informative liner notes, folk art from artist/musician Howard Rains and recording/filming by David Bragger.


1. Long, Lonesome Home

2. Myers’ Sally Ann

3. The Arkansas Hollerin’ Tune

4. Sally Goodin

5. Yell in the Shoats

6. The Last of Sizemore

7. Down to the Stillhouse

8. Madill

9. Wild Hog in the Woods

10. Cousin Sally Brown

11. Rabbit in the Grass

12. Shoo Fly

13. Betty Likens

14. Granny Will Your Dog Bite?

15. Cotton-Eye Joe

16. The Lost Girl

17. Sugar in My Coffee

18. Queen of the Earth, Child of the Stars

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