Skillet Licorice “Allsorts Orchestra” LIMITED EDITION Vinyl




Skillet Licorice’s critically acclaimed album is now available in a LIMITED EDITON run of VINYL. It’s one of our most beautiful productions to date. The package features translucent green vinyl with a stunning gatefold centerfold of the musicians, illustrated by Simpsons artist/old-time musician Joe Wack. The liner notes, artwork and sounds will transport the listener back in time as they listen to glorious stringband music while handling this beautiful old-time fetish object. Only available while supplies last!

San Francisco Bay Area roots-music luminaries Elise Engelberg and Matt Knoth, aka Skillet Licorice, have created a new type of “old-time” album with their first album on Tiki Parlour Recordings. It focuses on the lush beautiful side of traditional American repertoire. They are joined by a veritable orchestra that includes some of the West Coast’s finest old time musicians including string legends Suzy Thompson, Meredith Axelrod, Craig Ventresco and the Kentucky-born and raised folk music wunderkind Clinton Ross Davis. Half the album is a fantastic deep dive into the revered pre-war string band the East Texas Serenaders, whose penchant for dreamy waltzes and buttery-smooth fiddle rags are perfect fodder for the Skillet Licorice gang. The rest of the album is full of surprises drawn from Scandinavia all the way to the indigenous reservations of southern Arizona, lovingly re-imagined for today’s listeners. This gorgeous recording creates a unique cascade of lush acoustic layers and sonic beauty that lovers of Folk, Bluegrass, Americana, Classical and psychedelic music will absolutely fall in love with.


1. Shannon Waltz  5:19

2. Adeline Waltz  3:41

3. Meadow Brook Waltz  5:06

4. Tater Vals  3:18

5. Bright Sunny South  2:56


1. Metsakukkia  4:51

2.. Del Rio Waltz  5:46

3. Libby Bird Song Mazurka  3:01

4 Geese Honking  2:28

5.. 3-In-1 2-Step  4:34

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Weight 8 oz