Bruce Molsky’s Debut Guitar CD  “Everywhere You Go” – Available Now 


Bruce Molsky’s newest album is a riveting departure from a decades-long career dominated by Appalachian-style fiddle. “Everywhere You Go,” his first solo guitar album, combines musical influences from across the globe to create a project sure to cement Molsky’s reputation as one of the great multi-instrumentalists of our time.

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After a long career that stands as a fiddle masterclass, comes a beautiful eclectic album of song and six-string wizardry, a rare treat indeed.
–John Paul Jones

Bruce Molsky has long been one of my musical heroes, the effortlessness and ease with which Bruce plays and sings has always been something I’ve deeply admired. It is a rarity to hear music that lacks ego and puts soulfulness and a respect for tradition at the forefront. Bruce is simply one of the greatest musicians there is, period.
–Sarah Jarosz

Happy to be listening to this beautiful music right now. Close up. Intimate. What a pleasure. No pretense. No affectation. Just music. He always inspires me. I’m gonna go practice now!
–Bill Frisell

Bruce Molsky’s guitar music is truly out of this world great. It is masterful in every single way. The musical narrative is deeply compelling, with incredible variety, and imaginative orchestration. This is soul enriching music.
–Julian Lage

Bruce Molsky is a guiding light of musical integrity and fearlessness. This new album, centered around his intrepid yet matter-of-fact guitar playing, is delightful. While the songs cover a wide, global swath, in the best way possible it all sounds exactly like Bruce.
–Chris Eldridge