David Bragger & Susan Platz – Workshops and Concert at Fiddle Hell Online

David Bragger and Susan Platz will be performing and teaching at Fiddle Hell Online, April 7-10, 2022, and we invite YOU to attend this amazing event! 

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Old-Time Bow Rocking and Fundamental Bow Rhythms with David Bragger

April 9, 2022
5:30 PM – 6:30 PM
WORKSHOP Level 1 Beg. Level 2 Low IntStyle Old-Time~ Fiddle

David Bragger will teach classic fundamental bow rhythms AND then demystify “bow rocking” so you can achieve that addictive and dynamic downbeat-centric “Tommy Jarrell” sound in your fiddle playing. The same elements are also the key to old-time fiddle seconding. This is workshop old-time fiddle “gold” for fiddlers who have been trying to wrap their bows around getting that high energy danceable “sound.”

The pacing and content are mainly L2, but this is also good for L1 beginners who can listen and try out the easier bowings.


Alonzo Janes: Old-Time Fiddle Tunes of an Enslaved Fiddler with David Bragger

April 9, 2022
10:00 PM – 11:00 PM
.WORKSHOPLevel 3 High IntLevel 4 AdvStyle Old-Time~ Fiddle

Here’s your chance to learn some exceptional fiddle tunes passed directly down to David originating from the once enslaved fiddler Alonzo Janes. David will break the tunes down phrase-by-phrase and clearly illustrate all of the bowing.

The contributions of Black and enslaved musicians to American music have been obscured by a lack of recordings. William Alonzo Janes was born enslaved in 1850 in Paris, Tennessee and died in 1939 in Pontiac, Illinois. He played fiddle and banjo in a plantation orchestra as a child. Janes later passed some of his old-time fiddle knowledge to Mel Durham, who then brought the music to Southern California. The 48th annual Santa Barbara Old-Time Fiddlers’ Festival in 2019 festival was dedicated to Alonzo James and his incredible contribution to old-time fiddle music. Their website has more details on Janes here (scroll down to the bottom).

Two of his songs, “Alonzo Janes” and “Over the Mountain” are standards played by many contemporary learners of banjo and fiddle.

William Alonzo Janes

Old-Time Fiddle & Harmony Fiddle with Bowing with David Bragger & Susan Platz

April 10, 2022
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
.WORKSHOPLevel 3 High IntLevel 4 AdvStyle Old-Time~ Fiddle

David and Susan are excited to present their favorite fiddle workshop in their first time at Fiddle Hell Online. You’ll be learning an old-time fiddle tune in great depth, broken down phrase-by-phrase. And, yes, all of the bowing will be clearly demonstrated and taught in this course. It’s David and Susan’s specialty since old-time fiddling is almost entirely about the bowing!

For each tune, they will also teach harmony parts that emphasize fundamental chords, bowing rhythms and seconding techniques. Additionally, these techniques will be clearly taught independently of a particular tune, so fiddlers can apply them to any tune, anywhere. Expect to learn a great tune with bowing and the ultimate fiddle seconding toolkit.

“There’s twin fiddling, and then there’s David Bragger and Susan Platz. Their music really reaches into that space where two instruments become one and draws you right in with it. Their debut CD, King’s Lament, is one of the most sonorous and rhythmically locked-in sets of tunes you’ll hear.”  – Bruce Molsky

“Bragger and Platz’s contrapuntal, droney playing winds through crooked, mysterious, and deeply groovy, minimalist jams that are just as likely to get you dancing as trancing.” – Dusted Magazine


Old-Time Traditions Concert

April 10, 2022
5:30 PM – 6:30 PM

Fine, traditional, old-time music from three great players on fiddle, banjo, guitar, and vocals. Riley Baugus, known for his banjo and guitar playing and ballad singing, has the first 30 minutes. David Bragger and Susan Platz, known for their twin fiddling, have the next 30 minutes.

It’s hard to listen without wanting to pick up your own instrument! All the musicians are teaching excellent workshops during Fiddle Hell Online – check the schedule.

Riley Baugus

David Bragger & Susan Platz

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