Old-Time Music Wallpaper from the Tiki Parlour

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from the Old-Time Tiki Parlour!

As a little thanks to everyone that supports us by viewing our site, watching our videos and grabbing the latest old-time music releases, we want to share with you the computer desktop wallpaper that we have on our own computers.

This artwork was commissioned by the Old-time Tiki Parlour for constant inspiration whenever those computerĀ monitors light up! Angelina Elise did a wonderful job, just as she does with the artwork forĀ our releases. Thank you Angel! Check out her site for more art and leatherwork!

Just click on this picture, drag the art to your computer and make it your desktop! It’s as easy as that! Thanks again!

Old-Time Music Tiki Parlour Wallpaper


David Bragger