Banjo Newsletter Review and Interview with Tom Sauber

Check out the enlightening interview with Tom Sauber in the latest issue of Banjo Newsletter! There’s also a stellar review of our most recent 2-CD/Photo Book Set “Trade Your Headache for a Smile” featuring Tom Sauber, Tom Carter, Blanton Owen, Leonard Couslon and Patrick Sauber.

In a time when so much old-time has become festivalized, commercialized, and homogenized, too many musicians connect to the source only rarely if at all. On “Trade Your Headache for a Smile,” Tom Sauber and his companions are in communion with the ground source of the music, and are conduits for something that transcends. What is here comes from a vanished world that has faded from view, and which is, in rare circumstance, fleetingly glimpsed only out of the corner of one’s eye.
—Banjo Newsletter