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Old-Time Video Classics


Music from the South

Songs of Appalachia: Fiddler Mike Bryant

Folkways-Music of Surry County

Clifftop Festival Documentary

Uncle Dave Macon Documentary–NEW

How 78 Records were made

Cajun Country by Alan Lomax

Zydeco: Creole Music and Culture in Rural Louisiana

Les Blues de Balfa

Kirk Sutphin Interview

Dock Boggs Documentary

Bill Livers Documentary

Marc Savoy and the Cajun Accordion


Clelia & Rafe Stefanini–Wild Rose of the Mountain

David Bragger & Rafe Stefanini–Cripple Creek

Rafe Stefanini & David Bragger–Nitches Over the Hill

David Bragger & Rafe Stefanini–Will Adam’s Modal Tune

Kirk Sutphin & Bertram Levy–Folding Down the Sheets/Flying Cloud Cotillion

Kirk Sutphin & Bertram Levy–Wesley’s Tune

Howard Armstrong–Cacklin’ Hen

Melvin Wine – Hey Aunt Katie There’s a Bug on Me

Melvin Wine-Rachel

Melvin Wine–Twin Sisters

Tommy Jarrell-Cripple Creek

Tommy Jarrell-Sugar Hill

Tommy Jarrell-Fisher’s Hornpipe

Tommy Jarrell-Old Bunch of Keys

Tommy Jarrell-Cotton-Eyed Joe

Tom Sauber & Tom Carter-Salt River

Tom Sauber & Tom Carter-Getting Upstairs

Clark Kessinger-Sally Ann Johnson

Pat Conte-Brown Skin Gal

Joe Birchfield and Harold Hausenfluck — Sourwood Mountain

Clyde Davenport–Bonaparte’s Retreat

Clyde Davenport–Flatwoods

Clyde Davenport–New Broom

Cyril Stinnet–Fox Chase

Brad Leftwich and Dan Gellert-Kansas City Rag

Earl Collins–Say Old Man Can You Play the Fiddle

Earl Collins–Black Mountain Rag

Hiram Stamper–Sally Goodin’

Hiram Stamper–Brushy Fork of John’s Creek

Bruce Greene–Laurel Lonesome

Jimmy Triplett–Head of the Creek

Brad Leftwich–Lost Child

Cyril Stinnet–Five Miles From Town

Bob Wills–Bob Wills Breakdown

Jon Bekoff–Bogtrotters Waltz

Gid Tanner–1955


Dan Gellert–Black-Eyed Suzie

Tommy Jarrell–Sweet Sunny South

Virgil Anderson–Wild Goose Chase

Clarence Ashley–The Cuckoo

Roscoe Holcomb

Clyde Davenport–Banjo Tune

Bob Carlin–Darling Nellie Gray

Bob Carlin–Long Steel Rail

Morgan Sexton–Bull Creek Banjo Player

Lee Sexton – Little Maggie & Rye Whiskey

Uncle John Scruggs – Little Log Cabin in the Lane

Joe and Odell Thompson–Black Annie

Lucius Smith–You Can’t Read, You Can’t Write

Dink Roberts–Roustabout

Will Keys–Southwind

Will Keys–Goodbye Girls, I’m Going to Boston

Will Keys–The Dead March

String Band

Hogwire Stringband–Billy in the Lowground

The Lantana Drifters–Ida Red

The Lantana Drifters–Grey Eagle

Roan Mountain Hilltoppers

Riley Baugus & The Stuart Brothers-Lost Train Blues

The Ozark Highballers-Beaumont Rag

Thornton Spencer, Enoch Rutherford, Emily Spencer–Cacklin’ Hen

Bruce Molsky-Chinquapin Hunting

Foghorn Stringband – Been All Around This World 

Mike Compton and Joe Newberry–Sittin’ On Top of the World



Sam Chatmon–How Long

John Fahey–Candy Man

John Fahey–Poor Boys Long Way from Home

Glenn Jones–Of Its Own Kind

Elizabeth Cotten–Spanish Flangdang 

Bukka White–Aberdeen Mississippi Blues & Poor Boy

Sam and Kirk McGee–Victor Rag

E.C. Ball–The Early Bird Gets the Worm

R.L. Burnside: See My Jumper Hanging On the Line 



Cajun Country Revival–Bosco Stomp

Cajun Country Revival–Jolie Blonde 

Dennis McGee, Sady Courville & Marc Savoy–Mon Chere Bebe Creole

Lionel Leleux–Lacassine Special

Danny Poullard & Friends–Grand Nuit

Canray Fontenot 1993

Savoy Family Band

Savoy Family Band–Eunice Two-Step

Dennis McGee & Sady Courville

Jesse Lege + Walter Mouton – Twin accordions