Rafe Stefanini & David Bragger “Holy Smoke! – Fiddle & Banjo Duets” CD


The 14th Tiki Parlour release “Holy Smoke!” marks the first collaboration of Rafe Stefanini & David Bragger. 


Rafe Stefanini’s blistering old-time fiddling and David Bragger’s burly banjo playing make this one of the most anticipated duet recordings of the year. Recorded at the Old-Time Tiki Parlour, this CD features 17 tracks of mesmerizing fiddle/banjo duets sourced from early traditional masters such as Y.Z. Hamilton, Clyde Davenport, Cush Holston, Esker Hutchins, French Carpenter, Wade Ward, Delbert Hughes, Narmour & Smith, Fred Cockerham, John Salyer and more!

This album showcases the mastery and prowess of one of old-time’s finest fiddling super powers. It is also the first album that features old-time musician David Bragger exclusively on clawhammer, 2-finger and 3-finger banjo.

The CD contains a 16-page booklet showcasing dense historical background for every tune, instrument tunings, artwork and photographs. The artwork is by Tiki Parlour veteran artist Angelina Elise and the graphic design is by famed folk artist and Texas fiddler Howard Rains.  (This CD will ship at the beginning of December 2018!)

“Holy Smoke” is a quirky and satisfying collection of uncommon tunes played with an infectious oldtime groove impossible to ignore. Rafe Stefanini is as commanding and skillful a country fiddler as has ever drawn a bow. He is accompanied by the ever-energetic and appropriate David Bragger with his intuitive mix of melody and rhythm. This is unapologetic music straight to the point played just like you want to hear it played. Enjoy. — Mike Compton

This is a wonderful selection of rare tunes expertly played. Even the few you may think you’ve heard, well — you haven’t heard ‘em the way Rafe and David play them. Rafe delivers tune after uniquely crafted tune, all worthy of his reputation as one of the great fiddlers of his generation, and David’s masterful backup on banjo suits each to a “T.” — Brad Leftwich

“This is no ordinary collection of old-time tunes. Indeed this is something rather special…” — Old Time News (UK)

This CD is a KILLER-DILLER. One of the best banjo-fiddle duet records I’ve heard. Fantastic combination of drive and wit with super-duper precise musicianship. Plus very hip and unusual tunes. — Tom Piazza