Magic Lantern Music Show (Vol. 1) – Eric & Suzy Thompson AND Rafe & Clelia Stefanini

We’re excited to launch our NEW MUSIC SERIES for all of you stay-at-homers! These are half hour music shows featuring some of the best traditional musicians in the world. Our first episode features the musical genius of the Thompsons and the Stefaninis. Enjoy fiddle duets, Cajun, Old-time, Blues, breakdowns, rags and more. There’s even a banjo!
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These videos were recorded and filmed by old-time musician/documentarian David Bragger.
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Tiki Parlour Magic Lantern Music Show (Vol.1)
Eric & Suzy Thompson
1. Stop and Listen
2. Podunk Toddle
3. Wayne Perry Waltz
4. Cheese Reed Waltz
Rafe & Clelia Stefanini
5. Hog-eyed Man
6. Fire on the Mountain
7. Lady’s Fancy
8. Train 45