Old Texas Fiddle III–Tricia Spencer & Howard Rains



This CD is the final installment of the Texas Fiddle Trilogy. This album features 21 tracks of rare Texas tunes sourced from fiddle masters such as Claude Parker, Alton Mead, J.W. Whatley, Eck Robertson, P.T. Bell, Duck Wooten, Bob Wills and others! Unlike many old-time recordings, Howard and Tricia have unearthed old-time Texas jigs, marches, waltzes, cotillions and blues tunes to go along with many Texas hoedowns. They are also backed up by the Skeleton Keys making this quite the epic old-time album.

The CD also contains a 16-page booklet of historical information, instrument tunings and stunning artwork by both Tricia and Howard!



  • Campbells Are Coming
  • John Booker
  • Gold Rush
  • The Blind Man
  • Lost Indian
  • Get Your Boots
  • Morg Williams’ Cotillion
  • United States Marine March
  • LeaRay Wolf Chase (1,027 Dogs)
  • Cattle in the Canebrake
  • Clear the Track
  • Billy in the Lowground
  • Old Crippled John
  • Great Big Taters in Sandy Land
  • Go Home With the Girls in the Morning
  • Where the Dogwoods Blossom, on the Dogwood Trail, in Anderson County, Texas, Where I Was Born
  • Mace Bell’s Civil War March
  • West Texas Blues
  • Winding Sheets
  • Darkness on the Delta
  • Where is My Gray Horse?


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