Scott Prouty – Shaking Down the Acorns (CD & DVD Set)



Scott Prouty, one of the great old-time musicians of the “lost generation,” has recorded this new mesmerizing CD & DVD Set featuring 24 tracks of solo fiddle and banjo.

Prouty’s playing embodies the soul and earthiness of the older generation musicians that he learned from. Many of these tunes are unusual and rare versions.

The set features an informative booklet of liner notes written by Scott Prouty himself while the artwork and design were created by acclaimed artist Howard Rains. The recording, filming and editing is by old-time musician David Bragger.

1.  Little Boy Working On The Road
2.  Flying Indian
3.  Owl Hoot 
4.  Shaking Down the Acorns
5.  Icy Mountain
6.  Roaring River 
7.  Three Forks of Reedy
8.  Fisher’s Hornpipe
9.  Shannon Reel
10.  Don’t Drink Nothin’ But Corn
11.  A Virginia March
12.  Humpbacked Mule
13.  Muddy Lane
14.  Shag Poke
15.  Puncheon Floor
16.  The Old Tin Pan’s Got a Hole in the Bottom of It
17.  Lovely Jane
18.  Shelvin’ Rock
19.  Oyster Girl
20.  Wild Horse
21.  Liquor Seller
22.  Joe Politte Tune in D & F
23.  Fine Times at our House
24.  Stumptailed Dolly

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